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over a year ago by phil phil Pray for me
Thank you for praying for 1 For court case in july for me not to have to pay anything and to be convicted in nothing as an employee tried to steal from me For employees and clients to stop stealing from me 2 Financial independence so that i can have more free time 3 for french people to accept JESUS and be saved 4 For success in love much increase in love life and friendship 5 for my parents jacques suzan top accept JESUS and be financially wise 6 For my business to be sucessful and for God to do justice in clients and employees stealing 7 for God to kick bothering neighbours out thank you

Prayer for Easter

over a year ago by anonymous Pray for me
Please pray for the unfortunate ones who have no family to share Easter Sunday with.


over a year ago by Victims of Boston Marathon & Texas plant explosion. Pray for me
Please say a prayer for the victims of the Boston bombing and the Waco Texas plant explosion.